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Coaching Information and Reasources

Great Hockey Teams are lead by Great Hockey Coaches

If you are interested in coaching please fill out the Coaching Application. Please email your coaching application to the President of HAWK Hockey.

Coaching Evaluation

HAWK families, Thank you for a great 2014 / 2015 Hockey season. Please let us know what you think. To the Right are coaching evaluations links. Please Click and fill them out and let us know your thoughts about the coaches and your season. 

In addition there is a spot on the bottom of the evaluation that you can add comments. If you would like to make comments about what we can do at HAWK Hockey to make next season better. We want to hear your thoughts. HAWK is made of families we are all part of the association. Your opinion matters.

In addition if you have any ideals for our new website, things you would like to see? please e mail me at

Thanks Again for a Great Season. 

Head Coach Evaluation

Please fill out a Head coach evaluation for the 2014/2015 Season

Assistant Coach Evaluation

Please fill out an evaluation for the 2014/2015 Season