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HAWK Hockey

Walker Ice and Fitness - 4151 Remembrance Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

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Hockey is fun for the Family

HAWK Mission

We are dedicated to improving and enhancing the quality of ice hockey in West Michigan. We will do this by developing hockey skills, encouraging sportsmanship between players, and instilling a true enjoyment in the sport of hockey. 

Age Classifications for Players



Are encouraged to play at all age levels. HAWK does not currently have any teams that are girls only. The girls and boys play together.

House vs Travel

House Hockey (B) is generally the starting point for most players. All players in the age group are welcome to play together, there are not tryouts for house hockey. Each player is given the same opportunity to develop hockey skills. HAWK holds draft skates at the start of the season to asses each players abilities and they are placed on a team by the hockey director. The goal of the draft skate is to make the teams in the age group as even as possible.

Travel Hockey (A) (AA) is for the more skilled hockey players. Teams hold tryouts and the players are selected by the coaching staff to play on the team.  The time commitment, costs and travel are greater with travel hockey. 


All players are required to have:

Helmet with facemask or cage (check expiration sticker)

Neck Guard


Shoulder Pads

Elbow Pads

Hockey Gloves

Hockey Pants

Protective Cup

Shin Pads

Hockey Skates 

Hockey Stick

HAWK orders jerseys and socks for each player squirt and older age levels. 

Mites will be given a jersey at no additional cost, but will need to provide their own hockey socks.

Goalie Equipment

HAWK provides goalie leg pads, goalie chest protector, and goalie stick for younger players looking to try the position. Everyone is encouraged at Mite and Squirt to play at least one game in goal. 

Costs for Season 

We at HAWK are mindful of the expense of playing hockey. We include many of what other associations call "extras" in our season costs. Tournaments are included in our season costs. At the travel level even the cost of the warm ups is included in the season cost. Please see PDF above for the breakdown of the costs for the season.

HAWK Hockey Letter of Concern

If you have a concern that needs to be addressed by the Board regarding an issue that violates the Coaching/Parent/Player code of conduct, please follow the link to the form.